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Cabinet Accessories

Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer can be installed in kitchens, baths, closets, or in hospitality, campus and medical facilities providing an innovative and functional power source with a clutter-free aesthetic.

Stemware Rack

Stemware Rack

Stemware racks are attached to the underside of your wall cabinets, and are a great addition to any kitchen or wet bar area.

Dish Organizer

Cabinet Drawer Dish Organizer

Adding a dish drawer insert is a great addition to a kitchen. Accessing your dishes in a drawer rather than a wall cabinet is great for all ages. This is also a very helpful solution to anyone that doesn’t have a lot of wall cabinets for storage.

Wine Storage

Kitchen wine storage cabinet

If you like to keep your wine collection on display we are able to transform one of your cabinets into a wine cabinet. This is a great detail to add additional interest to your kitchen.

Stacked Drawer Dividers

Stacked Drawer for kitchen cabinets

Much like the single drawer dividers the stack dividers will help keep you organized. The stacked dividers will give you additional storage space that you can easily access.

Custom Drawers

Custom Cabinet Drawer

A simple and easy way to customize your kitchen to your needs is by adding drawers in place of an existing base cabinet. The drawers will look great and will help keep you organized.

Spice Drawer Insets

Spice Drawer Inserts

Keeping spices in a cabinet is never a good idea; they never stay organized and often fall over. A spice drawer insert is a great addition to any kitchen so you can easily access your spices while cooking.

Tray Divider

tray divider

There is typically no good spot to store your baking sheet and cookie sheets, they are often hard to get to and to keep organized. A tray divider will hold your backing sheets upright to make it very easy to grab the pan you are looking.

Pull-Out Shelves

cabinet drawer accessories

Base cabinets offer a lot of storage but it is hard to access your pots and pans that have been pushed to the back of the cabinet. Adding pull out shelves is a simple and easy solution.

Drawer Dividers

Kitchen Drawer Divider

Keeping your utensils and kitchen tools organized in an open drawer is near impossible. Plastic inserts from your local store never fit the drawer exactly and don’t look very nice. Utensil drawer dividers are available to fit to your drawer size and match the interior of your drawer.

Pull-Out Trash and Recycling Bins

Cabinet pull out recycling bin

Most existing kitchens do not have an area for trash and recycle cans. The best location for a trash can is on either side of the sink but instead the can is typically left out in the open far from the sink. A simple trash pull out insert is a great solution. Trash pull out inserts come in a variety of sizes to work with most kitchens.