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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinets: Reface vs. Replace

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the main visual components of your home, and are often the first thing that guests and homebuyers notice when visiting your home. If your kitchen cabinets are looking old, you may be considering updating their look. There are two main options when it comes to updating the appearance of your new cabinets–resurfacing and replacing. Here are the differences between replacing and refacing your kitchen cabinets.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet refacing is the perfect option for those who arent looking for a complete kitchen remodel. Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a great option for renewing cabinets and doesnt involve tearing down the existing cabinets, saving you money and precious time.

The process of refacing a cabinets consists of replacing the fronts of your existing cabinets. Refacing is like changing the skin of your cabinets and allows you to choose from an infinite amount of patterns, colors, and finishes. Kitchen cabinet refacing significantly improves the outer look of your cabinets without any demolition and the costs associated with fully replacing your cabinets.

If you are renovating your kitchen on a budget, then cabinet refacing is the most cost-effective option for giving your kitchen cabinets a new look. Refacing old cabinets can cost up to 50% less than fully replacing the cabinets.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

While kitchen cabinet refacing is the best option for updating your kitchen cabinets, it may not always be possible. Refacing your cabinets only works if the structure of your existing cabinetry is in a condition that allows for resurfacing. If your cabinets are heavily damaged, have signs of rusting, or beginning to fall apart, they might be in need of a full replacement. Replacing your cabinets might also be a great option when you are doing a full renovation of your kitchen or wish to change the layout. Just remember that tearing down and replacing cabinets can be expensive, so budget accordingly.

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